Tennis Champ – Match Tracker in Real Time


“Tennis Champ – Match Tracker in Real Time” is your perfect app if you are a tennis player (amateur or pro) and you want to have a history of your matches. The app allows you to track your matches in real time and shows your progress afterwards. It is very friendly and easy to use. You will be able to see all of your opponents and the ratio of wins/lost matches with them. In the real time match tracker screen you can check the time spend playing and you can also add/remove games for each player. The app allows you to play 2/3 matches, grand 3/5 and also custom. You can also filter the matches depending on starting time, match winner and more.

The matches are not saved on the cloud so if you delete the app all the history will be lost. In future updates it will be possible to sync your matches history in cloud and link them to your account


  • Track tennis matches in real time
  • Save matches
  • Show your progress
  • List of opponents
  • List of all/filtered opponents
  • Filter matches by time, winner and more
  • History of all matches played with specific opponents

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