PinKeeper is an utility app that allows you to save specific locations on the map with different pin types. You can save your car location, your new accommodation location, a new bar location that you discovered or a restaurant location where the food is extraordinary.
You can view all saved pins on the map and change them fast and simple. You can also scroll through all your markers in the pins list screen. The placement of a new pin is accomplished very simple just with a touch of button. You can check your current location and open Google Maps for directions to your saved pins. You can add notes to your pins. Each of them will also keep an intuitive marker description and some information about city and street of specified location. If you forget where you parked your car you can check the location and also the address of the saved pin. This app is mostly used when you go to shopping mall for example and you want to save you car location.
Saving location is easier than ever with PinKeeper. You can save your favorite location in less than a second. The simple material design is allowing you to keep and access your favorite locations as fast as possible.

In other words, PinKeeper is the easiest and fastest way to save your car location or many other important locations on your map and after access those locations fast and easy thanks to the simple and beautiful material design.

* Save car location or other important locations with different pins on map
* View list with all saved pins
* Change pin type from – default, car, house, accommodation, food, bar, shop, shopping, office, bag
* Set note to your pin
* View address of the pin
* Change map style between satellite and roadmap

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