Become more productive with kurps by tracking and completing your goals and promises every single day. You can create custom goals and promises (or kurps) fast and easy. Complete goals that you’ve set and you will get motivational quotes as you go. There are three main kurp(goal) types. First type of kurp is called “single time” and you can complete it only once. The second type is repeating kurp and here you can count how many times you complete that specific kurp. The third type is continuous kurp and this will stay active and be counted automatic until you complete it. You can complete or fail a kurp, also if you change it by mistake you can reactivate it. You can also set deadline to your kurps and set priorities from low to high. After finishing a kurp you can achieve a random quote. You can collect quotes by completing more and more kurps. You also can filter and search your kurps very easily.
With kurps you will definitely become more productive because you will be notified when you earn a quote or when a deadline is approaching and the app will press you to complete your promises or goals. You can set all sorts for goals and promises like giving a gift to your child, completing your project in time or event quit smoking. The possibilities are endless.
You can also share your achieved quotes with your friends to motivate them too. Kurps will 100% motivate you to achieve your goals and promises and it will make you to forget about all the excuses you come up with.

* Create custom goals and promises called kurps
* Edit your created goals and promises
* Keep motivated by achieving quotes
* Filter and search your goals and promises after title and description

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