If you see a beautiful color and you need its code to use it later in your projects, then “Kameleon – Color Picker for Camera & Images” is the app that you need. It is a very simple app that helps you to pick color and after save it from camera and from your photos. Now it will be very easy to pick color with your phone. You can also save and organize your colors by tagging them with custom made labels.
In case you are a designer, an artist or you just like colors, Kameleon is the perfect color picker for you. With just a touch of a button you can pick colors fast and easy. Also, all your saved colors will be shown in a material design style list. If you have a lot of saved colors and you want to organize them, you can create custom labels and attach them to your picked colors. You can also copy the hex or rgb code from your colors. To pick a color from camera you just need to press on the camera button from the main screen and to point to the color you want to extract. To pick color from images you need to press on the image selection button, select your image and then drag the picker to get the color.

This color picker app is very light and easy to use and if you need to have access to different colors codes than Kameleon is the best for you.

Start and use your new color picker for camera & images app right now for free!

* Pick color from camera
* Pick color from images
* Easy hex code copy
* Easy rgb values copy
* Create custom labels
* Add labels to saved colors
* Filter colors by labels

Kameleon - Screen 1

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